From Blushing Brides to Romantic Bouquets: Secret of Blush Roses Enduring Charm

The best and the easiest way to alter the look of a place is to put up some flowers. The idea of styling a venue with flowers will never get old. But artificial flower arrangements from Blush Rose are a better option than real flowers as they are cheap, long lasting, and eco-friendly. Below are 5 best flower décor ideas to kick start your creativity.

Floral Ideas for a Fairytale Wedding

Silk flowers are artificial yet look like real flowers. Unlike real flowers, silk flowers are affordable and available in any color imaginable. Silk flowers like peonies, tulips, orchids, and lilies, apart from roses come in shades of pink, peach, cream, and ivory, which evoke a sense of romance, femininity, and sophistication. The softness and subtlety of artificial flowers’ hues make them ideal for creating a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere that’s perfect for weddings, bridal showers, and other romantic occasions. Specific flowers of certain colors in a floral arrangement are used to communicate the feelings without words of both bride and groom on their special day. You can buy artificial silk flowers in bulk for wedding decoration or any other event.

Flowers to Match Restaurant Vibe

If you want to elevate your restaurant atmosphere and provide your diner with a good environment, then use artificial tulips or peonies with warm hues like peach, yellow, soft orange, saffron, etc. for the interior decoration. When a customer reserves a table for a candlelight dinner you can decorate the table with a centerpiece artificial floral arrangement. If a client books the whole restaurant for a party, you can liven up the area with various floral décors.

Floral Ideas to Liven Your Workplace

There are numerous ways to incorporate artificial floral decor into the workplace, from desk arrangements to conference rooms and even breakrooms. Artificial floral arrangements look great on top of cubicle walls or in front of desks. They’ll also help keep busy employees focused on their tasks while they’re on the phone or eating lunch. When it comes to meetings with clients or coworkers, nothing beats a pleasant atmosphere. Hardly anything creates an atmosphere quite like artificial flowers in vases placed throughout conference rooms at each table; this way, everyone has something pretty around them without the fear of sneezing due to pollen during those long meetings.

Spice Up Your Home Décor with Flowers

Flowers have a place in every room of your home, from living room arrangements to outdoor gardens. For interior home decoration use artificial silk flowers as they don’t attract bees and other insects. They are long lasting yet biodegradable making them environment friendly. Artificial flowers make a great prop for interior photoshoot. Here are three creative floral arrangement ideas to make the most of your artificial flowers at home:

  • Use unique containers as flower vases such as cups, bottles, or pitchers.
  • Put flowers in place of candles at house parties.
  • Use flowers as table centerpieces at dinner parties or other house gatherings.

Convey Your Feelings with Custom Bouquets

If you want to convey your love and feelings for a special someone then speak to them with the language of flowers without using words. Give your special person a custom bouquet of artificial flowers like roses, dahlia, orchids, etc. These artificial flower bouquets will not wilt easily. If you want to celebrate the Christmas cheer, then decorate the floral bouquet with artificial red holly berries.


Whether you are a wholesaler retailer or individual buyer, Blush Rose is the one stop where you can purchase quality artificial flowers that are eco-friendly. It doesn’t matter if you want a single customized flower bouquet or a whole floral arrangement for wedding décor, you will be satisfied with artificial silk flowers.



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