How to install a large wall art

Decorating your wall with artworks especially paintings is a good way to add color and humor to your home. There are many ways of arranging small wall arts on a wall for display. But a large wall art demands more expertise and precision.

Nowadays, arts seem to have taken a new dimension as more and more people find themselves in the industry. You might want to have a large painting on your wall because you painted it yourself or acquired it from one of your exotic trips and you can’t wait to show it.

Whatever your reasons are, you can hardly go wrong with large wall art. These helpful tips below will make sure of that.

Helpful Tips for Mounting a Large Wall Art

1. Make sure you have enough space

Before setting up a large artwork, the first thing you should think of is where to set up the painting. You may be required to do away with an older art or rearrange the furniture to create enough space.

You can hang large wall art on bedroom walls, in the living room, or down in the hallway. The most important thing is that the space should be large enough to accommodate the art.

2. Arrange the room around the art

Ensure that the large wall art is a focal point for everyone who steps into the room, this can be achieved by positioning the furniture around it. For instance, you can arrange the furniture in your living room in a U-shape around the large wall art.

You can also arrange your chairs to face the art or you can place the art between sets of sofas arranged across the room. For the bedroom, it can be placed over the bed.

3. Spice it up by breaking it up

Creativity adds spice to the whole idea of interior decoration. You can add a bit of creativity by splitting a very large painting into several bits and placing them all over the wall. This idea is particularly advisable for very large spaces.

This approach gives the room stronger connectivity. The look of the wall color in between the arts also enhances the general appearance of the artwork. It also makes transportation easy.

4. Three-dimensional arts is also okay

This is yet another creative approach. When sourcing for large wall art, try dimensional panels or multi-tier canvases. This type of painting bugles out from your wall making it look even more obvious which is always the initial plan of large wall arts. However, this approach is a bit tricky and may demand a bit more than just basic knowledge.

5. Seek connection in your piece

Getting a large wall art shouldn’t always be about the most expensive or the most popular artists. It should be something deeper, something more meaningful. Look for a painting that will attract you to it, something that will keep you captivated.

You can go for nature close-ups or geometric optical illusions. Those types of paintings leave you staring closer and closer.


The idea of large wall art has grown quite popular amongst individuals of every class. It not only adds beauty to interior decor, it serves as an excuse to fill up a large empty wall.



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