Keep your Artisan keycaps free from fingerprints!

Fingerprints on your artisan keycaps? Ugh, what a buzzkill! But fear not, my fellow keyboard connoisseurs. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to keep those artisan keycaps pristine and fingerprint-free. Let’s dive right into it!


Artisan keycaps, you know, those fancy keyboard buttons with all sorts of cool designs and vibes. They’re like the cherry on top of your mechanical keyboard sundae.

But here’s the catch: they’re like fingerprint magnets. So, how can we fight this fingerprint fiesta?

Acrylic Coating

Picture this: a transparent shield over your artisan keycaps. That’s what acrylic coating does. It’s like a force field against fingerprints.

You can type away, and those oily prints won’t stand a chance. Your keycaps will stay fresh, no matter how many late-night typing sessions you pull.

Anti-Fingerprint (AF) Coating

Imagine a coating that’s like, “Fingerprints, you shall not pass!” That’s what AF coating does. It’s like an oil-repelling superhero for your keycaps.

It creates a slippery surface, making it tough for those pesky prints to stick around. AF coatings are like the bouncers of the keyboard world, keeping fingerprints out.

Nano-Ceramic Coating

Nano-what? Nano-ceramic coating, my friend. It’s like invisible armor for your artisan keycaps. It’s not just about fingerprints; it’s about scratch resistance too.

These keycaps are tough bones. No fingerprints, no scratches, just pure keyboard awesomeness.

Polycarbonate (PC) Coating

PC coating is like the Swiss Army knife of coatings. It’s not just about the looks; it’s about durability too. It laughs in the face of fingerprints and says, “Not today!” Plus, it’s tough enough to handle accidental keyboard drops (we’ve all been there).

Silicone Coating

Silicone is like the smooth operator of coatings. It’s not the most popular kid in class, but it gets the job done. Silicone-coated keycaps have a matte finish.

That’s all about keeping those fingerprints at bay. Plus, they feel pretty darn good under your fingertips.

Hydrophobic Coating

If you hate both fingerprints and water, hydrophobic coating is your jam. It’s like a repellent forcefield, telling both water and fingerprints to take a hike. High-end keycap sets often rock this coating to keep things looking fresh.


So there you have it, folks, a rundown of the coatings that’ll keep your artisan keycaps free from the tyranny of fingerprints. Each coating has its own unique superpower, and you get to pick which one suits your style best.

Whether it’s the crystal-clear armor of acrylic, the oil-fighting skills of AF, the invisible strength of nano-ceramic, the all-rounder vibe of PC, the smoothness of silicone, or the water-repelling magic of hydrophobic, your keycaps will thank you.

Now, go type, game, or create to your heart’s content, knowing that your artisan keycaps will remain as beautiful as the day you got them. No more fingerprint dramas, just pure keyboard bliss. Your artisan keycaps—your rules!



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