Types of high-caliber car jacks

Car jacks come in handy when repairing your vehicle. You can hide it in your car in case of an emergency or your garage for home car maintenance. Car jacks are very different. Some are small and portable, while others are large and lift more weight, like the car lift jack. When buying, you must select between the hydraulic or mechanical type based on your preference and needs. The designs also vary, but what’s important is they perform the required task. We discuss the types of high-caliber car jacks below.

Different kinds of car jacks

Hydraulic and mechanical jacks are the two main categories that subdivide into other types. Car jacks that use hydraulic fluid are bottle jacks and floor jacks. Scissors and high lift jacks fall under mechanical jacks, which involve using screws or ratcheting systems to raise the vehicle.

1. Bottle car jacks

They are among the most common car jack in the market. Their popularity makes them readily available, meaning you can buy them whenever possible. Their simple yet powerful structure makes them pretty easy to operate. Another advantage is that they are reasonably compact, allowing you to carry or transport them from place to place. You work them by pumping the handle up and down, and the bottle jack begins to lift the vehicle with less effort. Bottle jacks have different lift capacities to raise different cars.

2. Floor jacks

Floor jacks are also very common; you have probably spotted one in garages, movies, etc. They have a unique design comprising a long arm and a base with wheels. The wheels enable movement from one place to another rather than lifting. However, you can still lift them when you want because they are lightweight. Floor jacks help you quickly access the bottom of your vehicle without breaking your back. Once you position it beneath the car, the long arm raises and lowers it once you finish.

3. Scissor jacks

This car jack top the list of popularity as it’s what most people have in their cars and garages. It’s also the oldest form of car jack, having been in the market the longest. Mechanical scissor jacks resemble scissors, hence the name, and are small in size, occupying less space. They are portable and light in weight, so anyone can handle them alone, like in the event of a tire burst. To operate the jack, move the screw to open the joint and raise the saddle or close to lower it. Unlike hydraulic car jacks, these have minimal maintenance due to a lack of hydraulic fluid, which often leaks or needs replacement.

4. High lift jacks

They are rare and unique and not for everyday use. They are ideal for vehicles that require a maximum lift, like trailers. Due to their small base and high nature, they are very unsteady, so high caution is necessary.


The first step before buying a car jack is understanding the available options. Many other types exist, but the four above are the most prevalent. Decide on the hydraulic or mechanical kind as both have advantages and disadvantages. Know where or the type of vehicle you need the jack for and if it’s portable and easy to operate. You can get attractive deals on car jacks on several sites like Alibaba, as price also influences your picks.



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