What Is The Best Way To Use A Car Lift jack?

In addition to grabbing the most needed item which is a car lift jack, you need to make sure to have a collection of different car tools kit which makes your journey stoppable. These tools are very important to be available right in the car for some emergencies. However, today we are discussing how to use a car lift jack on your own and how to save your time and effort.

What Is A Lift Jack?

A jack screw jack or a jack screw is a mechanical device which is typically used to lift a vehicle by pushing a force. The car lift jack is the most needed tool used widely. It is a hydraulic jack that uses hydraulic power. A car jack floor is one of the most common forms of lifting heavy vehicles for the purpose of maintenance or other work. Whereas, if we talk about the price range of the jacks, these tools are normally very cheap and less expensive.

How To Use?

  • Find a flat surface where you can perform your work easily. Raise your vehicle up to the ground floor.
  • Make sure that the wheels are perfectly in the straight form, and also check that the parking brakes are on.
  • On every car, manufacturers have made a specific spot where the jack can hold its place, so you need to check the spot first before starting any process.
  • Now, when you find the spot, put any optional wood piece on the jack plate to the side of the wedge in between the car’s jack point along with the jack itself.
  • If your floor jack is just a traditional one, then you need to release the valve and make it closed tightly. Now, press the jack and raise it further until it has been attached to the part of the car. Move the car up until you are able to see the maintenance part.
  • Also, keep monitoring how the car starts to move when you lift up higher.
  • Now, once everything seems to be perfect, start your maintenance and make sure that car is in the stable position, no more tilting position.
  • The whole reason behind using a car lift jack to the higher position is to check the damage under the car. However, if you need to change the wheel, then there is no need to lift the car at that much higher position.
  • When you are done with the process, make sure to rearrange things completely before just taking the jack out. Always go with an ease method to bring the car back down firmly and then release the jack points from the car.


So that’s how you can use a car lift jack on your own. However, remember do not remove or change the position of the floor jack until the car’s tires touch the ground and the car is in its own comfortable position. You’re ready for any situation requiring a jack now that you know how to use it.



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