Why P7 Solar Power System Stands Out For Your Home Services

Everyone needs a home that has an efficient lighting service that is not subject to failure due to external factors like it is in the case of electricity. Many people, therefore, have adopted the new generation of sources of power by embracing biogas lighting, solar lighting system, wind power lighting systems among others. PBOX offers a great bundle of P7 home lighting systems comprising a variety of products. These products will enable you to utilize solar energy. You will be comfortable, avoid paying electricity bills, avoid blackouts and much more. Your home system will be under your control.

We will focus on these components and how they will make your life comfortable at home.

Built-in Life PO4 Lithium batteries;

 This is a long-lasting battery that can serve you for more than eight years. It can go for 2000 cycles of charge and discharge without wearing out. It has an efficient power design with a charge and discharges efficiency of up to 96+-2%. The battery can hold 384Wh – 1536 Wh. These are very efficient and durable features of a battery. The PBox lighting .com will ensure that the batteries are fully functional of the right quality.

Safe system control

The system uses a voltage of below 36 V which is very safe. At the same time, the system has a current protector that protects the Lighting system from short circuits, excessive voltage. This is a reliable feature that ensures the system serves you for the longest time possible.

Easy mounting procedure.

The panel can easily be mounted on the roof through the use of strong mounting brackets. The host system can be mounted on the wall too especially where it is convenient to serve most appliances in the house.

The box system customized designs;

These designs are meant to serve you according to specific needs. For example, there is one having multiple DC, cigarette lighter, suitable for 110- 360W 18v solar panels. Therefore you have the freedom to choose the variety you need according to your needs.

This system can charge different appliances in the room such as mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, televisions among other appliances. It has USB ports to ensure these services are availed.

However this system doesn’t come alone, it is accompanied by a bundle of other optional products. You will decide either to pick them especially if you don’t have them it is advisable to pick them. They include;

  1. An optional solar panels- PV110-18v 12kg , PV130-18V 13kg , PV180- 18V 17kg.You will have to choose which panel you need keeping in mind the system ability.
  2. Rechargeable flashlight. The flashlight is chargeable via USB. It has a one 18650 battery. It has domestic T6/5w power LED chip model, aluminum coating, center power button lighting green when charged and a dim red when low.
  3. Optional 16 inch BL DC Stand fan- If you do not have a fan and it’s necessary you may consider having to cool your house during hot temperatures.

Others include; inverters, Rechargeable power strips and LED bulbs.

Decide the most reliable system for your home with the pboxlighting.com.



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